Today, in the age of a full-scale global society, marine transportplays an important role to support the growing world economy asa primary means of international physical distribution. In the field of domestic physical distribution, on the other hand, modalshift from overland transport to marine transport drawsattention because of environmental concerns.The mainstay of marine transport is the various types of shipssuch as cargo carriers, tankers and many others.
Since itsestablishment in 1951, Higaki Shipbuilding (HSB) has built over700 such ships, which are now sailing all over the world, We areconvinced of our ability to make a contribution to societythrough the building of these ships. Our ABILITY TOCONTRIBUTE THROUGH SHIPBUILDING is the crown of ourlabor, which is the accumulation of know-how, technologicalcapabilities, creativity and teamwork. The passion forshipbuilding and professional pride of every HSB workerenhances ABILITY.
There are three main stages to exercise our ABILITY TO CONTRIBUTE
on: They are the “world”, “future” and “local community”.
世界貢献Contribution to the world
The ships built by HSB play active roles in marine transport across the globe. The safe and efficient operation of these ships is a key factor in bringing stability and growth to the global economy. HSB is determined to make a contribution to the development of the global economy by building ships which can meet the needs of the times.
未来貢献Contribution to the future
Currently, higher safety and more energy saving are called for in every ship the shipping industry offers from economic and environmental point of view. Attuned to these requirements, HSB will push forward with the research & development of shipbuilding technology and cultivate human resources to foster a new generation to support the future of the shipbuilding industry.
地域貢献Contribution to the community
Shipbuilding, defined as an integrated assembly industry, consists of combined know-how and human resources from many associated companies in the local community. In other words, the whole local community is involved in the building of a ship. HSB is eager to contribute to the local community by bolstering cooperative relations with these companies.